A Coach's Perspective

Wobblrs® provides a player the opportunity to participate in soccer without the need of a formal setting. Instead of passing back and forth, Wobblrs® now gives this pastime a purpose. Playing with Wobblrs® adds a competitive edge that unconsciously brings more focus to each kick. This game has made players want to spend more time with a soccer ball because they are having fun. As coaches, we all want this! 

Wobblrs® improves children’s gross motor skills as well as exercises the mind. While playing with Wobblrs®, players will need to identify the lay of different surfaces and understanding the amount of force needed to obtain a successful hit. 

"When I pull out Wobblrs® at training, my players seem to perk right up."

Wobblrs® adds that extra spark to my training sessions. It’s not just another drill but something fun, engaging, and competitive. It’s a simple satisfaction but, my players genuinely enjoy hitting the Wobblrs®. 

The Ring of Fire:

One of my favorite drills to run with Wobblrs® is a passing game I’ve deemed, “The Ring of Fire!”

With partners, players stand and form roughly a 10-20 yard circle. Adjust according to your age group.

Wobblrs® are placed near the middle of the circle 5ft apart.

Players stand across from one another while trying to place one the Wobblrs® between them and their partner.

Players pass back and forth trying to hit one of the Wobblrs® in the middle of the circle. Each time they have a successful hit they must yell out their number of successful hits in sequential order. First team to 5 wins. Losers usually do pushups or burpees. 

It’s pretty fun to watch the chaos that Wobblrs® create as they ricochet around and balls collide. It’s all part of the game, just as if you were trying to thread a ball through a goal box full of bodies.

The progression:

  • Free play, no restrictions.
  • Same game, but if a player returns the ball on the first touch and obtains a successful hit, they get 2 points instead of one.
  • One touch only
  • One partner is designated as the server. They serve the ball in the air while their partner settles and returns the ball on the floor trying to hit the Wobblrs®. Next round, partners switch roles.
  • Same as the previous progression, with a designated server, only the recipient must return the ball on the first touch. Next round, partners switch roles.

We have only scratched the surface with how Wobblrs can be used to improve a player's game. We hope this encourages you to try a few different things and then let us know your success stories. Don't forget to have fun.